October 31, 2009

4 year Dr. Appointment

Madison had her 4 year docotor appointment...this is the big one that gets them ready for Kindergarten...
She did great, did the vision test, the blood pressure test, weight (38 lbs), height (41 in) and all of the things the doctor told her to do, that is UNTIL the nurse came in to give her the shots. She completely freaked out...I had to hold her down. But a couple of minutes later she was Ok and out we went. She got to have 2 big stickers and that made her world all better again!

October 30, 2009

Back to school night

Madison had her back to school night last week...very cute. Her teacher did a review of the curriculum and gave us some handouts, then it was time for the kiddos to shine. The did some poems, some songs, some of the morning routine and shared there classroom with their parents. After the performance, they got to make some crafts to take home...so cute!

Waiting to perform...
Circle time with her class...

Madison and Ms. Najma

Our little Kitty...

October 29, 2009

"Bounce-y" Birthday

Madison had her first birthday party away from home...it was great, low stress, low pre-planning on my part and LOTS of fun!Enjoy the highlights!

October 25, 2009

Madison's 4th Birthday

*Party Pictures to come...but this is how we spent her "real" birthday.
She got to pick breakfast, so naturally she chose her favorite petite vanilla scones and chocolate milk. So we headed to Starbucks before preschool. She ate it up and daddy surprised us and met us there. She was so excited.

We had made cupcakes for school, so she got to share with her friends during the day and her teacher made her a special brithday hat! Then after school we headed to the mall for her next favorite treat hot pretzels. She could live off of pretzels if need be!

Then that evening she had ballet/tap class. After class we headed to Red Robin with her little friend from dance and her parents. They had a blast playing and eating at her favorite restaurant!

What a day! I think she enjoyed every second of it!

October 23, 2009

Hawaii: Kauai~Day 4

Today we headed up to the north part of the island. We ate lunch at a local place Ono's Burgers! Yummy little place on the side of the road. We stopped at Princeville's Prince Golf Course *Scott played here last time we came, so this time he got to look, not play! I know poor guy!, then we went into Hanalei Bay and shopped in Hanalei, looked at the old light house and then went back to "Baby Beach" for Maddie to play and met up with the couple that owns the condo for a bbq at the beach with the hula dancers that would perform the next day. Maddie had fun meeting them and learning how to do the hang loose sign!

Mackenzie snoozin' in her sun tent

Playing at Baby beach
Hang Loose

October 22, 2009

Hawaii~Day 3

On the third day of our trip we headed to the southren part of the island. We hit up "Spouting Horn"**, Hanapepe Hanging Bridge, Po'ipu Beach, a cool look out point and then headed back to the condo to get ready for a river cruise to the Fern Grotto and luau.

Pretty Ocean at the Spouting Horn Lookout
Spouting Horn
**Spounting horn in an underwater lava tube. The legand says it is a female dragon breathing. She was put there when a warrior tried to slay her, but she didn't die, when she breathes the water sprays up into the air. VERY COOL!

Pretty Lookout
Trying to get everyone (Kenzie was asleep)
Hanging Bridge (Kinda scary)
At the Beach (very hot today!)

On the cruise on the Wailua River
Mackenzie was all smiles
Maddie loved all the flowers

The Fern Grotto
Mackenzie happy to get her diaper changed at the luau

Maddie and Scott with some of the luau dancers...show was AWESOME!
Me and Maddie leaving the luau...the grounds were amazing!
Another great day!

October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Maddie!

I can't believe my little girl is FOUR years old. Where did the time go?? A little trip down the last four years...

Birth announcement:

1st birthday:

2nd Birthday :

3rd Birthday:

4th Birthday:

Love this little girl!!!!!

October 18, 2009

Kauai~Hawaii Day2

We made it successfully to Kauai. We stayed in a condo in Kapaa Town, on the west side of the island. My friend's parents own the condo and it was great! We talked to them the night we arrived and they told us about a little beach that the locals with small children love called "Baby Beach"! So we got up around 8:00 am (Hawaiian time) and headed over there.

It was perfect. The waves were fairly calm held back by a little rock wall about 10 feet out and the sand was warm. Mackenzie had a little sun "tent" that she received and she slept/sun bathed inside while we played in the water, made sand castles and enjoyed the sun.

Then we made our way to the center of Kapaa for a lunch at a local diner. We ordered and took it back to the pool at the condo. It was great.

Then we got dressed and headed to the Tahitian Lounge for dinner. And then to the Coconut Market Place for ice cream...not too bad for our first day!