June 29, 2008


It has been a busy few weeks. We have done so many things~
We went to a Rivercat's/Grizzle's Baseball game with Nonie, Papa and Antonio:

We went to cousin Jenna's 3rd birthday party:

We watched our friends little guy while she had surgery and Maddie and Jaylan played in the pool!

Madison got to go to a carnival at Scott's work and enjoyed being a "clown"

And the most exciting of all~Madison got her first haircut!!

You probably can't tell too much, but she had these "wings" that jetted out on either side and it was just wild, so it is now layered and more managable!

Before: During:
With Nonie~
In her new swimsuit~

June 15, 2008

Mini Photographer

Madison has figured out how to use the camera in the last few days, how to turn it off and on, how to zoom and how to "take" pictures. Here is the life in a two year old:
Baby shower: Kiley and baby "Evan"

Her new little friend from the shower "Alyssa"

Alyssa's Mommy and Madison's Mommy:

Daddy getting the yard ready for a Bar-b-que:

Her little table and breakfast:

And the Mini Photographer herself posing on her new slide:

June 13, 2008

1st week of summer = FUN!!

Well my first week of summer vacation is over and wow was it a great one...

We went to another week of swim lessons with Philip (which she loved!)

a library class "Mother Goose on the Loose"
(she had to buckle her monkey in the car while we went inside)

a gymnastics class


a playdate with a little friend, played with the neighbor, who is moving tomorrow =(
and went to John's Incredible Pizza!
That place is cool, even has a roller coaster inside the building.
**Let's hope that the next few months off are this fun!

June 9, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Here is Madison tonight at swim lessons. She loves the water and the "water slide".

June 5, 2008

Bounce House Breakthrough!

*I know, I know, 2 posts in one day!

Last weekend, we went to a bounce house birthday party for my friend Katie's little boy. Normally Madison is not thrilled by the bouncies. Actually she hates them. She won't try them, she won't go near them. So when we arrived she went right with Katie up the big slide and went down with a huge smile on her face. Then she went again and again. Katie even got her inside one of the bounce rooms. Then I got some socks on and went with her as well. She ended up loving it and not wanting to leave. Very fun!! Thanks Katie and Brian!! Happy Birthday Brian!

*I could barely get her to sit still for a picture

P.S. Today was my last day of school with the kiddos....I don't have to go back to work until August 20th!

Swimming Lessons

We started swim lessons this week and they are a HUGE hit! Madison loves the water, just like her mom and auntie Katie. We lived in the water when we were kids. On Monday she threw a major fit when it was time to get out...I guess it is better than throwing a fit not wanting to get in the water. Tonight she did great, they practiced jumping in and then turning around to hang on to the edge and climb out...no problem, she jumped right in under water and tried hard to get to the edge. She is doing great.