January 27, 2008

I HATE the rain!

Friday: Raining!

My little sailor girl...I bought this outfit for little miss awhile back and the pants finally fit! I had to include it:

This was one of the busiest weekends we have had for a long time! And it had to rain the whole time!


Morning: laundry! laundry! laundry! I don't know where it comes from!

Late Morning: Starting to rain!

A little side story:MY DAUGHTER IS A GENIUS!!! As we were getting in the car she is making funny noisies, but nothing out of the ordinary, just being silly, so I really start to listen and she is saying "H says /h/ /h/" making the sound of an h. Then she says "A says /a/ /a/" and I am like yeah right at 2 years old, she doesn't know this stuff! So I ask her what does an M say and she says "/m/ /m/" I couldn't belive it! Then Scott asks her what P says and again she thinks and says "/p/ /p/"...I cannot take any credit for this! I do this for my job, but I have not worked with her at all...or she wouldn't give a rip, but since they are doing this stuff at preschool/daycare, she is picking it so quickly!
We left at 10:00ish to head down to Vallejo to visit my grampa...He is actually doing a little better, I really think he wants to go home! We visit him for a couple of hours, see my mom, dad, gramma, sister and nephew and head to Chevy's for lunch! Of course, I had to have a margarita to drink, so yummy!

Afternoon/Evening: RAINING!
Then we headed up to Olivehearst for dinner with Scott's best friend Chris, his girlfriend Andi and her daughter Alyssa...Madison had a great time playing and was exhusted! Didn't get home until way too late...and we did way too much driving Saturday!


Morning: RAINING!

Madison and I got up early for Church to let daddy sleep in! He has to work tonight/tomorow morning 12:00am to 10:00am! yuck...we got ready soooo quietly and even finished getting ready downstairs to let him sleep, then of course the phone had to ring when we were getting in the car to wake him up! We met up with Lisa and her son Philip at church and came home to play before we headed to a late breakfast at our favorite place, the waffle barn! YUM!


We headed over to some friends house to go to the home and garden show at Cal Expo... 4 adults and 2 carseats made it in my car...it poured while we were there, but Madison did manage to take a 2 1/2 hour nap in her stroller! We bought way too much stuff, but enjoyed looking at all the home projects that we could start...or should I say, Scott had fun dreaming up all the new projects he could talk me into!


After the home show we went out to Mexican food, for the second time today I gourged on way too much food! It was really yummy and now my tummy hurts. I need Lent to start so I can lose some pounds! We went back to our friends house and unloaded all of our new found treasures and headed home, where Madison finally had a breakdown...I think she was just overloaded from the weekend! Poor thing, she finally fell asleep after a warm bath and little rocking! She is growing up way too fast!

**Scott is also sound asleep since he has to wake up in a couple of hours and head to work! I do not envy him!

One more little side story!


If you look below, we now have 4 lights! 2 recessed lights and 2 decorative lights. It looks wonderful!!

Finally here is the forecast for next week:

Jan 28 Tomorrow:Rain showers Jan 29 Tuesday:Rain and wind.
Jan 30 Wednesday: Showers possible. Jan 31 Thursday: Chance of showers.
Feb 1 Friday: Showers possible. Feb 2 Saturday: Showers possible.

January 21, 2008

A Day OFF!!!!!

I am so glad today is a day off...

The weekend was a little crazy. We left Friday night and headed down to Vallejo. When we got there, my dad said grampa was not well, not responding all day and not to go and see him. Well, Katie (my sister) and I have always been such good listeners and headed out to see him right away. When we got there he was sitting on the edge of the bed giving the nurse hell! That's my grampa, the cat, he must be on his 19th life, not just his 9th life!! I called my dad right away and he didn't believe me. So, the doctor came back to check him and made official calls to my gramma and dad. To thier surprise he was doing a little better. Saturday was his best day in a long time, really great spirits and good humor. But then Sunday was a rough day again...it really is hour by hour with him. I just feel so blessed that we had the chance to be there with him all weekend...

Here is grampa being "goofy" or should I say "mickey"!

But is wasn't only a sad weekend...it was ANTONIO'S 5th birthday party on Saturday. We ate too much, Scott drank too much and Maddie played way too much (she didn't even have a nap!)

All in all I am so glad we went, but I am thankful for the day off to recoup! Actually went to the gym for the first time in about 3 weeks! Yikes I needed it!

Ok, last crazy bit of news. You know how "they" say things happen in 3's...I have heard the good news of not 3, but 6 people I know that are pregnant and almost all the same due dates!! CRAZY! Here is the truly crazy part, only 1 of the six were actually trying...but I wish them all the best of luck for easy pregnancies, and healthy babies!
P.S. Did I mention there are still "extra" holes in my ceiling in the kitchen! I am going to kill my husband if he doesn't fix it soon!

January 15, 2008


Well, thank you to all who sent prayers our way...
we are headed to Vallejo to see Grandpa and spend some time with him...
He is suppose to go home tomorrow (there is not too much more they can do at the hospital), so I am looking forward to seeing him and spending time with him and my gramma!

I can't believe that Jan. is 1/2 over already...this year is already starting to go too fast. I need to take the time to enjoy! There is always something that is in the way, especially work.... maybe I'll quit!! :o)

January 14, 2008


My 93 year old grandfather is in the hospital again. The man is like a cat, he has 9 lives, but he is not doing well. I am lucky to report that I have 3 living grandparents and I have enjoyed most of my life with healthy, happy grandparents. It is really hard though, to know that his time may be coming to an end. I love him very much and he has been a huge part of my life. Sending prayers to him and my grandma, the strong old fashion Italian lady that has done everything for him since 1942.

On a happier note, my mouth feels sooooooooooo much better. I had a crown done last week and it was killing me over the weekend. So, back in I went today, turns out the temp crown was too big. They shaved it down and it felt instantly better!! yah! I thought I was ready to pull it out myself...

Also, my husband is crazy!!!!! He decided that he needed to take out our light in the kitchen and replace it with several canned lights...big mess, way too much time...let me tell you he has an MBA, but he is not an electrician! Hopefully we will make it out of all this with our kitchen intact!

January 10, 2008

I HATE going to the dentist!

I really don't like going to the dentist, I can give birth, teach 5 year olds and even clean up vomit from a sick child...but I really hate visiting the dentist! I had to have an old filling replaced and my first crown done (for a tooth that is beginning to crack) I hate the needles and the sounds and the smells and the numbness afterwards. It has been about 2 hours and I am still numb, feel like my lip is sticking out and I can't eat! wah! wah!
I am glad that is is almost the weekend. I got a great coupon for the picture people...12 postcards for 12$ and a free picture (8x10) not too bad, I think I will take the little "monster" and try and do Valentine pictures. I was good in 2007, I only took her to have pictures done 2 times. That was good since I think I lost track after the 6th time in 2006! oops, hey it is the first child.
I am hoping that the numbness will go away soon and I can eat! I am hungry! :oP

January 7, 2008

First day back

Ok~ it was depressing having to go back to work...the kids were alright, a bit tired, so I know they will turn back into their old selves tomorrow :o) The alarm was rough at 5:15...I never sleep well the night before going back to work. Some times I wish I only had to work part time, it would be nice to be home with Maddie more. But I have to be thankful that I am a teacher and I get so much time off. I am lucky in that respect.

We are working on potty training and it officially stinks! She does great at home, but out and about it is a whole different story. She hates going on the big potty that has water in it, she is afraid it will flush with her sitting on it and hates to use the seat cover thing I bought. We are still plugging away, I know it will eventually come, but it seems like a long road.

Here is her new funny story... when she is being "redirected" and needs to apologize she is learning to say "Sorry, Mommy, etc." So the other day she ran away from my mom in a store and I had to chase her to come back, so I asked her to tell something to Nonie...so she proceeded to get a grumpy look on her face and say, "NO, sorry Nonie, no sorry!" My mom and I had to turn our heads so she wouldn't see us laughing. I thought that was pretty smart for a 26 month old to know how to put the "no" in front to mean she was not sorry! One for the baby book for sure....

January 5, 2008

First Blog

Well, I am giving this a try...We'll see how long I last. I just wanted to see if I could get thoughts down.

Only 2 more days of vacation, then back to work...I don't want to go...I want to stay home for another 2 weeks. I know once I am back I will like it and get the routine going, but for now, I just want to whine about it!