July 27, 2008

Shaver Lake...

This weekend we went to Shaver Lake. Scott's grandparents have a cabin there! We went up Friday and stayed through Sunday afternoon. On Saturday my sister in law, Kelly, and niece, Jenna, came up to stay one night. We had lots of fun even though we had to battle the carpenter ants! YUCK! But we went to the lake, made 'smores, rented a paddle boat, went for walks and had tons of fun!

July 24, 2008


So tonight we took Madison bowling for the first time...she had a blast. The balls were a little bit heavy for her, so after she tried by herself and it took a "painfully" long time to make it almost to the end of the lane (the guy had to come rescue it) she decided she would let me help her. It is so fun to watch her experience things for the first time. Lots of first's this summer: mini golf, tubing behind a boat, and now bowling! Man to be two years old again! :) I will try and post some photos later.

Loving her bowling shoes:

I just threw the ball all by myself~

Oh no! I think is it stuck:

Bowling attitude!

July 20, 2008

Fun at the Lake

We went out today with Scott's friend Chris to Engelbright Lake...Madison had so much fun playing with new friends, making castles, riding in the boat and even tubing...check out her video...
Making castles:

Finding shells:

Here she is giving the thumbs up when they were done!
Playing in the tube on the beach:

July 18, 2008

Introducing....Gabriella Susan Jones

My oldest dearest friend had baby #2 today. We got to watch her son while she was at the hospital. Madison and Philip are like brother and sister, they even look like twins. It was so exciting to finally find out they have a daughter!

Waiting for the baby to be born:

Little Philip, Daddy Philip and baby Gabriella:
Very cute~Gabriella brought big brother Philip a gift when she was born, so when we got there, Philip had a wrapped present to open from his new sister. He got 2 characters from the movie Cars and a I am BIG brother t-shirt. I thought that was a cute touch.
Gabriella Susan Jones
8 lbs 3 oz
19 3/4 in
6:31 p.m.
July 18, 2008

July 17, 2008

~Just too cute~

Just a couple of photos of Miss Maddie today...I absolutely love this new outfit!

July 14, 2008

Summer FUN!!

It's been a fun summer so far...nothing super exciting, but lots of little "mini" adventures along
the way:
Baking cookies with our "M" cookie cutter:

Horse Races at the Fair in Memorial of my Grandpa who passed away in February:

Trukee River with Gramma Kye-Kye and our friend Philip:

July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Hanging out waiting for the parade to start:

The stroller couple...Jaylan lasted the whole parade in his stroller, Madison didn't stay in the stroller but stayed close by and they both loved it!

Mini golf for the first real time (last time we played she was 5 months old in a baby bjorn front pack)

Madison's first happy face, little stinker drew it on a birthday card, so all I have is this photo of it!

Chillin' in the pool with my Godson Philip:

July 3, 2008

~2 going on 17~

Thank you to my nephew Antonio for Maddie's new favorite CD Kidz Bopp 27. She can't get enough of it. Here are a few sinp-its of her 3 favorite songs:

Fergie has been her favorite for quite awhile, but I only had the unedited version, and much to our dismay last week she was singing along and said ever so clear "Take your broke a@# home!" Scott and I were trying not to make a big deal so when Antonio said he had the cleaned up version we jumped on that CD and have been listening to it ever since! So here we are in the car on the way home from dinner the other night. It was getting late, so she looks a little tired.

Here is her other favorite some good old Gwen Stefanie:

wee-who, you-who!