November 30, 2008

My Busy Life

Long time no let's see. We are ending a week long vacation that seemed like it just started yesterday.
Here is it play by play:
  • Saturday- Holiday Parade in downtown Roseville. We rode on my school's float. Madison loved waving at all the people along the route. Then Saturday night we went and played at the new part of the mall with Jaylan.
  • Sunday-Lots of Christmas shopping. Got about 1/2 way done! Then went to church.
  • Monday- We delivered holiday baskets full of food to families in need from my school. Madison had so much fun handing out the desserts (cookies and pumpkin pie) It was so good for her to be involved in helping others. Then we headed to John's Incredible Pizza for dinner Philip and Gabriella.

  • Tuesday-We headed to the story time at the library. We planned to go to the park afterwards, but Madison, Sophia and Philip had so much fun playing in the area in front of the library we ended up staying there for 1 1/2 hours to "play."

  • Wednesday-LAZY DAY!!! Loved it! We did our Christmas card photo with Madison and Mickey~after about 100 pictures we got one! Saw the new Madagascar-cute!
    • Thursday- Went to my mom's for Thanskgiving dinner. She had her tree out so we saw a photo op!

    • Friday- Braved the crowds for Black Friday- Madison and my mom joined me. Got some good stuff.

    • Saturday-got our tree and got our holiday stuff out! House looks great!
    • Sunday-Slept in! WOO WHOO! Even Madison slept in until 9! Then went to play at the Fountains, had lunch and Madison rode the train!

    What a jam packed week!

    November 18, 2008

    Tag you're it...

    I'm supposed to name 6 things that make me happy and then tag 6 fellow bloggers.... so here goes:

    • my family...being together watching movies, going to the park, playing

    • the decorations, the music, being with friends and family

    • reading books... thanks to Katie for some new authors I have not read before, I am making head way into some great series. Plus I love chic-lit!

    • Shopping...I find it sort of theraputic. Love looking even if I don't buy anything.

    • Working out...although I haven't been the best in this department lately. I love to go to the gym with my most recent book and read while I do the eliptical machine.

    • baking yummy desserts. Actually eating yummy desserts, anything chocolate makes me happy!

    Who do I tag?? Since I don't know too many bloggers. I tag you if you read this post! :)

    November 15, 2008

    New Do...

    So Madison and I both had our hair chopped off are a couple of photos.

    November 14, 2008

    one more...

    30 birthday+Disneyland=FUN!

    We had a great time in LA-Sprinkles Bakery/Beverly Hills-Rodeo Drive/Hollywood-Dancing with the Stars Dance Studio/San Diego- Zoo/ Anaheim- Disneyland...traveling with my mom, my nephew and Madison was great. Everyone did great in the car through all the hours, various stops for gas, food and the potty!! Here are some photos from the trip:

    November 5, 2008

    I voted...did you?

    So yesterday, Madison and went to vote before school/work. I told we had to hurry because we needed to go vote. So the whole way there, she kept saying, Mommy I am so excited to go see the "boat". Is it like Uncle Chris's boat? Where is the boat?
    So we arrive a little early, the doors are open yet. So here we are waiting to go inside and she is still insisting that we are going to see the "boat". The people in line sort of giggle at us. Finally the doors open and we go inside and much to her disappointment no boat. She tries to look around and find it, they must have it hidden.
    I go and cast my ballot and return to the desk to get my sticker and Madison gets one too, now there is a long line of people waiting and Madison asks her where is the boat. She was a little testy and didn't really hear the question and shuffles us towards the exit. So we get outside and Madison is still wondering where the boat was. Oh well, but look mommy she says I got a boat sticker.

    We arrive at school and she walks proudly inside and tells Katie, her daycare teacher, I went to see the boat today.
    First time voting 11-2005

    Voting this year~2008

    One more funny:
    Today at school this little boy comes in all excited and tells me that "blue won, blue won" I honestly didn't know what in the world he was talking about. Then he tells me "Last night I watched the TV and the world was blue and red and the blue won. My daddy said he picked blue and he won." It was so cute, he was so excited that blue won...and so was many others.

    Plus, I was tagged so here it is...

    6 things I value

    1. my family/friends
    2. my education which got me
    3. my great job
    4. empathic people
    5. my home
    6. summer vacation

    6 things I don't value

    1. whining-totally agree with Katie
    2. the time change, making it dark so dang early!
    3. the cold weather
    4. ignorance
    5. having to cook/figure out what is for dinner every night
    6. bad drivers/road rage

    6 people I'm tagging

    1. Kelly
    2. Kristen
    3. ?
    4. ?
    5. ?
    6. ?

    November 2, 2008


    In the morning: Philip, Gabriella and Maddie
    Philip, Gabriella, Maddie, and Sophia
    ~ I love this~