November 30, 2009

Our Little Talker...

Gotta love what she has to say already...

November 24, 2009


...with our Chistmas gift! A new camera! We loved Kelly's photos and wanted to be able to capture our pecious little ones with such amazing quality we are still learning, we may ask for some pointers from Kelly, but so far we love it!

November 14, 2009


Trying to figure out who Mackenzie looks like...Madison is Scott through and through...
Here I am when I was a baby (about 5 months):
Here I am again (about 6 months):

Here is my sister Katie (about 5 months):
Here is Mackenzie 3 1/2 months:
Any thoughts??

November 13, 2009

Getting Ready...

Mackenzie gets baptized this Sunday. We are so happy to welcome her into the church. She is getting baptized at the same church we attend and where Madison was baptized over 3 years ago... She will be wearing the Christening gown my cousin's grandmother hand made for them. My sister and I both also wore the gown and Madison as well. So we got Mackenzie ready for the obligatory photos in the gown to display this weekend. She was wiggly, crying, rolling around and an altogether pain in the behind trying to get a photo...but we finally succeeded after many failed attempts and when Scott stepped in to help!
Then on to trying to get one in the Vaughan's family heirloom gown....boy after the first, I was afraid that she would rip it to shreads, but she was a little more cooperative, and we got a cute one of her in it as well!
Let's hope she is "angelic" for the actually ceremony and not a wiggly girl! Wish us luck!

November 12, 2009

New 4 year old skills:

Madison loves to hula hoop! She practices almost every chance she gets. Watching her never gets old, it is so cute. She tries so hard and shakes her tush trying to get that darn hoop to stay up! Here she is trying to hula hoop last week!

November 11, 2009

Better late than never...

Halloween 2009:
Trick-or-treating down town with Dino-Jalyan:
Halloween night with Philip and Gabriella:

Princess Madison-Belle with her Belle cell phone:

Getting candy!

Helping the princess *her feet were starting to hurt*

November 1, 2009

3 months old

Halloween Party at school

Mackenzie the duck and I got to join Madison-Belle for her Halloween party at school...all of the little kids were so excited to dress up an do the parade, perform their songs, make crafts and go trick-or-treating in their classroom. We even stopped by to see Daddy on the way home!