May 31, 2008


OK, I know I am a kindergarten teacher and I work with 5 and 6 year old kiddos learning the letters and accompanying sounds, so now that my 2 year old loves letters and the sounds I can't help "quizing" her on what she knows.

As I side note, I pride myself on not letting Madison eat McDonald's, Burger King, ect. expect once in awhile we get a quesadilla from Taco Bell. I don't want her to be the kid that every time she sees the McDonald's sign needs to stop. So the other day we were next to Taco Bell and the little stinker says look mommy that is where the car drives to get a quesadilla. Then we drive by a McDonald's but she doesn't know that place, instead she tells me look mommy it is a M. Then tells me M says "MMMMMMMMMMM"

I think as of May 1st she knew about 15 sounds of the letters (out of order, too) That is a biggie. Parents always say my kid knows the ABC's, well I hate to burst your bubble but singing the ABC song does not mean you know your ABC's.

I tried to put a video on of her saying them, but I hate the blogger video right now!! arrrr

May 17, 2008


This week at tweeny-weeny tiny tot sports class, the game was basketball...she did so well, she listened, tried to dribble, shoot the ball and use teamwork. It was absolutely adorable!!

May 11, 2008

Future Dog Trainer

Well our wild dog Mickey has been to 3 puppy training classes and be darned that Madison can make him do several of the commands he is learning, it may have helped that she was eating a granola bar, but nevertheless, he followed her commands.

May 8, 2008

San Diego

Some of my favorite pictures from San Diego:

May 7, 2008

7 Random Things:

I was tagged by my sister-in-law to do 7 random things, so here they are.

1.My grandparents, parents and I were all married at the same church where I grew up...My whole family was also baptized there, until Madison and she was baptized at our new church in Roseville.

2. I was a camp counselor at 3 different places. I was a counselor at Marine World for about 6 years, at a live away camp in Nevada City for 2 years (I stayed there for 8 weeks over the summer) and at a Science Camp for 5th graders in Santa Cruz while I was in High School.

3. I was a nanny for 5 years and still keep in contact with the kiddos. I recently went to her birthday party. While I worked with them I got to travel all over. (Canada, Bahamas, Minnesota, all over California, Idaho, Colorado, Florida, and I got paid to do it!)

4. I love to cook, especially sweets: cookies, cakes, brownies. I also love to cook dinner, but hate the clean-up part, which I am lucky in because Scott does it. I get to cook and he cleans up the kitchen when I am done!! It is the best.

5. On my mom's side of the family I am the first person to graduate college. My grandparents were raised on a farm my grandpa has 11 sisters and 4 brothers, and my grandma has 1 sister and 2 brothers and my mom has 2 sisters and out of all of those relatives, I am the first.

6. I have someones elses' bone in my body. I had to have a bone implant in my jaw when I was in 8th or 9th grade to make sure that my teeth would realign when they pulled the first set of permanent molars. So I am missing not only my wisdom teeth, but four others, my teeth are so big you wouldn't even notice.

7.I love to be organized. I have lists everywhere and would love everything labeled. I am more this way in my classroom than at home, because my husband is "slightly" OCD when it comes to cleaning and organizing, so he likes/has to do it himself. When I move into a new house, I can't go to bed the first night without most of the boxes unpacked.

OK I am supposed to tag other bloggers, but I am still new to this, so I tag my long time high school friend Katie.

May 6, 2008

Family Vacation

We are trying to decide if and where we are going on a family vacation this summer. So last night Scott and I are talking about possible locations and if it would be good for Madison, we thought, hey let's ask her where she wants to go.

Kim: "Maddie, where do you want to go on vacation?"

Maddie: "UMMMM, I want to go to Mickey's House!" (with a big smile)

Scott: "Why do you want to go there? What will you say to Mickey?"

Maddie: "I like your house Mickey Mouse!"

Nevertheless, I think Madison and I finally have something in common, our love for Disneyland!

NO, we are not going back to Disneyland this summer, we just went last weekend....we are thinking maybe the grand canyon, Arizona? Any suggestions for us to plan a family vacation!?!?