August 24, 2010

August 17, 2010


Madison has been requesting spaghetti lately, so I thought on my second to last day off, I would grant her wish! She loves meatballs and would eat all of them if I let her. I knew Kenzie girl would love it, too. So I stripped her down and let her have at it! Madison is the neat one, carefully twirling her noodles and adding a small portion of meatball to each bite, while Kenzie, um, devoured everything! Then had a long bath! :)

The neat one!

Mmmm, spaghetti!

Just getting started...

I love this stuff!

Good, mmmm!


wait, I missed some right here on my belly!

August 14, 2010

More of the First day of Kindergarten....

Out front of her school, waiting....
Posing by the flowers

Meeting her teacher

So excited to go inside, notice Kenzie trying to escape off to the side!

With her flower for her teacher and picture she made

Coloring her school

following directions!

Sitting on the carpet listening to the story

blowing kisses goodbye!

Time to go home...

With her teacher!

August 13, 2010


My oldest baby, who is really not a baby, started Kindergarten this week! I can't believe it. I was a little emotional, but pulled it together and made it through the day! Madison was SOOOOO excited, she picked out her outfit and shoes and was ready to go! The night before we got her a special book called the Night Before Kindergarten and we read it oh about 10 times before she would go to bed....In the morning I made her m&m pancakes, played around the house, daddy came home and she went to the store to pick out a flower to bring to her teacher. She was all ready to go, so we snapped some photos and headed to her big girl school! She was thrilled, we met her teacher, we went into the class, where the mommies and daddies wrote a special note to their children (the teacher would read to them later), colored a picture, listened to a story "The Kissing Hand", we kissed each others' hands and the parents headed out (I got majorly weepy) and we went to Mugs and Muffins for the parents, to mingle with other moms and dads!

I got to go home for a little while and then headed back to pick her up! She loved it! She brought home a picture she drew and told me her teacher was not only nice, she was pretty too! Then when I told her she got to back the next day she shouted "YES!" I am so glad she is happy, she is going to have a great year!
cutting her m&m pancakes

Take a picture of my long hair she says!

Getting ready to go out the door

Her new Jessie backpack!

Daddy and Maddie

Mommy and the girls~
With her lil sister

August 11, 2010

Second 1st Birthday Party

After being gone for over a week and a half...we were finally home just in time to prepare for the second party for Kenzie girl! It was a cupcake theme and we, well, I went all out...Madison spent a few days in Fresno with her cousin, Scott was off work and I only had one baby at home, so it was a breeze to get ready! (ha ha) We had cupcakes, cupcake cookies, cupcake plates, cupcake napkins, cupcake favors, and even a HUGE cupcake cake! It was a work of art *after a failed attempt~ All in all a great day of celebration for our big 1 year old! Where did the time go??

Cupcake tower!

Yummy food!Family photo

Couldn't keep her still

Her jumbo cake

She couldn't wait to dig in


Getting ready for presents

A new car!

A new baby...or as she says "DayDay"

Silly Girl

Cupcake favors

Playing in her new stroller

Playing with her "God-brother" Dylan

Kye-Kye and Poppy
Nonie and Papa!

August 10, 2010

Mackenzie's first 1st Birthday party

We decided to follow suit for Mackenzie and throw her a Fresno birthday party...the first and last! We were pooped with back to back 1st birthday parties. But we wouldn't have had it any other way! We wanted Scott's extended family to get to enjoy spending some time with our wild child and help her celebrate her first year! His mom, dad, sister & fam, aunt, uncle, grandparents, cousins, family friends and old high school friends were able to join us in honor of Kenzie girl! She is so lucky to have a wonderful family near and far!


Our Family

The Birthday Girl
Kenzie and Bailey

Daddy and the girls

Hey Mimi, what's in your purse?

I need a little manicure, can I borrow your file?

Big sis helping blow out the candle

Digging in!


I think I might have a little something on my face?!


(Big) Cousins playing outside

Through the window! (I just love this one)

Present time

Opening gifts

With Kye-Kye and Poppy
~Great on to #2~