June 29, 2009

Dance Recital

Madison performed in her first dance recital last week! She did amazing. She danced the whole time and smiled and had so much fun dressing up and getting to wear makeup! Here she is after the show!
With mommy and daddy.

With her little friend Alanna.

Getting balloons from daddy.

Posing with her bear she danced with.

Getting a cookie from Nonie and Papa.
The whole show was great and I am so proud of her!!

Father's Day Fun

I know this is a little out of order, but here are some photos from our Saturday Father's day b-b-q!!

Antonio and Philip in the pool.

Madison playing inside.

Gabriella relaxing in the chair.

Madison even helped clean up afterwards!

Then Sunday we headed to the mall for a little while, where they had free face painting and we got some yummy icecream!

June 22, 2009

Dance Photos

Madison has her first big dance recital this week on Friday night. She will be in two shows dancing to Teddy Bear Picnic. I can't wait. I danced for over 20 years myself and it is so much fun seeing her doing the same things I liked when I was little. Today she had individual photos in her costume. She even got to wear a little bit of makeup, the professional photos won't be ready for awhile, but here are few I took of her makeup before the shoot...
and a couple in her costume right after. "Tu-tu" cute!!


Friday night a gal from work and I went to a fellow teacher's wedding in Santa Clara...it was a long drive, but everything was beautiful!
Congrats Celeste and Steve!

June 17, 2009

Dentist Appointment

Today Madison had a dentist appointment. Her first appointment was around her 3rd birthday and she did okay. She let the dentist look in her mouth and count her teeth, it was merely a "happy" visit. We switched her to a pediatric dentist that someone at her preschool recommended and it was FABULOUS!

When we got there, she played in the waiting room and when we were called back she was excited. The room was painted with a mural of cute puppies playing outside. The office was so cute and friendly. The hygenist was sweet and had her play while we went over her history. Then she took a picture of Madison for her chart and she smiled a big toothy grin. Then she asked Madison if she wanted to take a picture of her teeth and she said "YES". So off to the x-ray room. She climbed up in the chair and put the lead vest on and took 2 x-rays of her teeth. Then back to the table. She met the dentist Dr. Ryan, who was amazing, and climbed up on the table. She wore little Dora sunglasses for the bright lights and let the dentist count her teeth, do a little cleaning (she didn't need much~her teeth were great), floss them, polish them, and even do a flouride treatment. I was pleasantly surprised.
Madison can be a little shy in new situations like this, but she made me so proud today. What a big girl. She earned not one but two prizes from the prize box, after delibrating for about 10 minutes she picked out two dinosaur bath toys. She is excited to go back for her six month check up. Anyone in the Sacramento Area should really check out the dentists Dr. Ryan and Dr. Rafferty, they are a mother/daughter team and absolutely wonderful!!

June 16, 2009

Day 2 of Summer fun...

Yesterday, my official first day off (Monday), Scott took the day off to sleep in with us and take the day and play some more. We all slept in until about 8:45 and then got up and dressed and headed to the Sacramento Zoo. Madison had a wonderful time. It is such a fun age to go to the zoo and hear her side of the animals' names and thoughts.

Here she is touching "Auburn" the snake: Here is a really cute little hedgehog:Riding the train through the zoo:
Riding on the merry-go-round:
Looking at the sleepy tiger: Climbing on the hippo:Looking at the giraffes...she had it all figured out, this one is the mommy, that one is the daddy and the baby is walking over there:

Then we headed to Landpark to feed the ducks.

She may just have a career in pitching!

We finished the day with a golf date with daddy while mommy got to rest and then we went on a great hour and 45 minute walk around a path that meanders through the country and another local golf course. She rode her bike the whole way and Scott and I walked our wild dog! She definitely was worn out last night.

June 14, 2009

Summer has started!

Well, it is official, summer vacation is here for us!! We started this summer by going to a bar-be-que at our friend's house. He is Madison's Godfather and has an adorable little 6 month old, Dylan.
We made a yummy cake to bring with us and Madison loved to help make it!

Madison had a great time playing with the baby and I got to be a designated driver! :)

Today we went to Old Sacramento and went on an old Steam Engine Train ride. Madison loved it and she was able to wave at all the passing people. She loved looking at the "Wiver" aka the Sacramento River. It was a great trip and Madison is already talking about going again!

Next, the zoo...tomorrow!!

June 13, 2009


No more work until November 2nd~that just seems crazy!
I am looking forward to sleeping in and getting ready for our new little one!

June 10, 2009


  • I have just...
  • I have just 1 more day with kiddos at school
  • I have just 2 more days of work until November!!!
  • I have just 2 days to move my classroom
  • I have just 7 1/2 weeks till this baby is born *maybe sooner
  • I have just gained 4 lbs in 4 weeks
  • I have just 3 more doctor's appointments til my due date
  • I have just a few things actually ready for baby #2
  • I have just "this much" patience left
  • I have just...too much to do!

June 7, 2009

Weekend Warriors

We had a jammed packed weekend...I am really ready for vacation...getting harder for me to move around (8 weeks and counting~or if anything like Madison more like 5 weeks~YIKES!). We had not 1 but 2 garage sales- one on Saturday and one on Sunday, then went couch shopping, out to dinner, and to a birthday party. Here are some photos from my high school friend Katie's son Brian's 6th birthday party!

Swimming with Daddy at the party!
See all the kiddos...I think 18 was the final count. They had a blast!

Playing with Brian's cousin Sarah. These two became fast friends. They are only 1 month apart!

Swimming Lessons

Madison just finished her first set of swimming lessons for the summer. We enrolled her in a "jump-start" session with private lessons with Ms. Larissa. It was great. She loved the water, got swimming much more than ever before and by Wednesday was trying to jump off the edge away from her teacher (making me nervous from behind the viewing gate)...All in all totally worth it. She was swimming to the edge by herself and starting to use her scoopers (arms) and kickers more correctly!! Hopefully we will have a chance to practice these skills before her next set of lessons in August, which are semi-private.
Both her mommy and Auntie Katie were fish when we grew up, so I think it is in her genes!