February 24, 2010

A rainbow of a cake...

For Scott and Kye-Kye's birthday I decided to attempt a cake I saw online...it was a little difficult, but so worth it in the end...

February 23, 2010


Last weekend I braved taking both girls by myself to the Ice show...don't get me wrong, I wanted to go too, but I was NERVOUS!! I strapped Mackenzie in the baby bjorn and gave Madison a talk and off we went. We ran into some friends during the preshow and both girls were WONDERFULLY behaved! Madison loved the show and Kenzie actually watched 3/4 of it and slept through the rest!
Princess pre-show

With Sarah and Jay
mommy and the girls
11th row seats
Mickey and Minnie

Kenzie watching the show

February 22, 2010

Pirates of California...


February 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Wow 6 years, it feels like just yesterday we met (over 10 years ago), but at the same time we have done so much! Here are a few highlights through the years:

February 11, 2010

Wild Night...

A couple of weeks ago our neighbor's son fell off the top of the bunk beds in his sisters' room. He was rushed to the ER in an ambulance, so we offered to watch their other kids....it was like a daycare here! They were all so well behaved and it was actually not that bad! We got some really cute photos of the kids!
Madison (4 years)

Mackenzie (5 months)

Leigha (5 1/2 years)

Ashley (4 years)

Tyler (1 year)

February 10, 2010

Curly Top

I grew up wearing sponge rollers in my hair. The night before any event my sister and I would take turns getting our hair rolled up and ready for the next day. All of the Christmas morning photos, Easter morning photos, the morning before the 1st day of school would all include us in the rollers. Needless to say, I wanted Madison to have the experience of wearing the rollers. So I got her a set and gave her a bath really early and got her all syched to wear the sponge rollers. So I set up a little stylist corner and rolled up her hair...I was so excited to see it the next morning...

....but there are NO after photos, the little stinker wanted them out before she went to bed, she didn't quite get the you must sleep with them in to make it work part, we will try again another day! :)

February 9, 2010


our baby is already reading

well...OK, eating

February 8, 2010

6 months old....

I can't believe that our baby is half of a year old!! How did this happen??
Here are her stats:
15 lbs 13 oz
26 1/2 inches
loves sweet potatoes,
squash, &
rice cereal
hates peas &
green beans
but most of all she is our