July 30, 2010

The Beach...

in Santa Barbara...After the wedding we stayed the night in SB and headed to breakfast with the family the next day. Then we ventured down to the beach, where my sister-in-law thought it would be a good idea to try and take some photos of the kids...we should have known better! Well we both did get a couple good ones of our families, but 4 wiggle, jiggle, moving, crying, want to be playing kids was another story, well here is that story!

Our Family picture, not too bad...

Their family picture, not too bad...

Awwww...Kenzie is smiling...

take 34...they are all doing their own thing, kinda cute...

take 56, well they are all in the shot....

take 83, woa come back Kenzie, where did Ryan go?

take 105, not happy anymore...

take 139 let's try again...

she's gone...and that was take 154!

But put a bathing suit on her and let her do a little pole dancing and she is happy as a clam!

Ok, so here is the winner of the day take 45...I think we may have a keeper?!
Well at least everyone is there! :)

July 29, 2010

Santa Barbara

Scott's cousin gave us a wonderful reason to plan a family vacation this summer. John got married to Stephanie in Santa Barbara...at the Biltmore Four Seasons, no less. We were able to juggle babysitting arrangements for all the cousins between Scott and I, his sister and bro-in-law and his parents. They stayed at the hotel, so we just took over their room for the wedding and the kids swam in style, ate in style and lounged in style at the Four Seasons.

The wedding was beautiful, the bride was gorgeous and the setting was fabulous...here are few photos from the day!
the site of the ceremony

the bride and groom under the handmade gazebo

Scott's parents
Kelly and me

Laura and me

Scott and me

the kids passed out finally!

so tired of partying!

our lame attempt of a prom photo! :)

July 28, 2010


Yes, I am behind...but so much has happened lately! I got to go to Kauai for 5 days in July with just the girls, my friends that is! Daddy stayed home with the kiddos and Kye-Kye came to help for a few days. My good friend got married in Kauai, so my cousin-in-law and I planned to meet there...well I am not so good at flying so my sis-in-law decided to tag along and play in the sun too! We had the best time, drinking lava flows, hanging by the pool, laying at the beach, doing a little sight seeing and enjoying the beautiful wedding! Here are some highlights:

Dinner at Roys:

Jeannine, the bride and me

Poi pu' Beach

Kelly and me at the beach

Spouting Horn

Wailua Falls with Laura

The Grand Hyatt's Pool with Laura and Jeannine

Sipping our lava flows by the pool/beach

My old roommate Juli and me

The Vaughan girls!

With the beautiful bride!

Jay and Jeannine

Wedding was gorgeous!

Cocktail hour at Sunset

Old Lighthouse

Kayaking at Hanalei River

such a great time

filming Pirates of the Caribbean part4 while we were there...no never saw the stars :(

July 6, 2010

11 months..and

TEETH, finally. I feel like this little one has been teething forever! Her teeth finally popped through last week a little shy of 11 months. She ended up being just like her big sister with the teething. Madison, as well as both Scott and I, didn't get our first teeth until this same time. Nonetheless, here they are!

love this face!

2 bottom teeth!

Happy Girl!

July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Jenna!

Happy birthday to my favorite niece! She is a big 5 year old now. We headed down to Fresno to celebrate the big day with her and had a "fairy" good time!

Daddy getting into the fairy spirit!

Riding on the train:
Cutie Kenzie:
At the Alice Tea Party Place:

Cute Cousins!

The party!

They love each other, most of the time :)

July 4, 2010

Dance Recital

Madison had her 3rd recital last month. She danced to Rain Drops are Fallin' on my Head... It was the first time she has done tap. It is very cute, the girls did great and she loved wearing her makeup and lipstick! We were able to take some photos before the recital and Scott was able to sneak the camera in to get some photos during the show too! And of course lots of photos after!

My new favorite picture of her!!

The whole class...

Tap, tap, tap

If you look closely...you can see her lovely black panties!

Snapping, she is so happy she can do this!

Madison and Payton posing:

such hams!

With Nonie and Papa

Gotta love the black Hannah Montana panties showing!

So proud of her!