February 28, 2008

One of "THOSE" nights

Let me start by saying I love my daughter...
Tonight was just one of those nights, she was fussy, whiney, cranky all evening. I still don't feel well and tried to rest for awhile, but all I could hear was the wailing of a 2 year old. I can usually ignore her and the crying but tonight it was the rath of the 2 year old that came to be...

  • I don't want to eat dinner
  • I want a sandwich
  • I don't like that sandwich
  • I want yogurt
  • I want a bath
  • I don't want a bath
  • I want to play outside
  • I want to watch T.V.
  • I want my baby
  • I want my blankie
  • I want mommy
  • I want daddy
  • I want
  • I want
  • I want

On that note I put her to bed! AHHHHHHHHH Peace and Quiet, kid sleeping in her bed, husband sleeping on the couch...a whole couple of mintues to myself! I love it.

February 26, 2008

MySpace Mugs

For my husband's 30th birthday I surprised him with a trip to Vegas. We had a great time with his sister and brother-in-law..."They" say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I thought, hey what the heck!
Did I mention we stayed at HOOTERS!
Sooooooooooo here are our new myspace mugs:

He is driving!


FYI: So much for staying healthy...I think I have the flu...lots of rest on the couch and Daddy helping keep Maddie busy.

Sunday afternoon, our first day home after a crazy week, I was sleeping on the couch and I hear..."Daddy I poop!" Then I hear "Madison, where are you?" "In here Daddy...I poop!" Then "Oh crap!" She had pooped in the closet. She said she needed to go potty, so they took off her panties and she was running around naked and proceeded to miss the bathroom and head into the closet! I guess she would like her own attached bathroom! So Daddy gave her a bath and cleaned up the room, then about half an hour later, she needs to go potty again, this time she made into the 'real' bathroom, but peed all over the floor, way to go Maddie! So much for potty training!
Madison's other new habit to be proud of:

When it is time to wake up in the morning, I pull open the shades and try to wake her up slowly as to not scare the beast, but she is now pulling this move...saying "No thank you, I go back to sleep!" I think I will be dreading the teenage years!

February 20, 2008

The Wiggles

Okay, so my sister-in-law and I are official crazy! The last few months both of our daughters have fallen head over heels for the Wiggles...so when I heard they were coming in concert, it was only fitting that we go see them.

My husband, the great guy that he is, said there was no way in h#!! he was going to see some grown men jump around and sing songs, so Kelly and I decided we would take the girls...

Well bright and early, not really, we get online for the presale ticket sale...how did we know about the presale, from the wiggle's website of course. I am a member (see what I mean about officially crazy?). We both try an try with no luck, well that was because the presale started on Tuesday. So Tuesday we both go back online and try again. This time we were in! Now what to buy...we figured this would be the one and only time we would take the girls, so let's go for the best seats we can find, after numerous attempts, we get 6th row seats!!

So on March 27 here we come Wiggles!
You better watch out Maddie and Jenna have 6th row tickets!

February 18, 2008

Clarence Joseph Marshall

November 19, 1914- February 17, 2008

Clarence Marshall, 93, passed away Sunday at his home with family members by his side. He was born in Napa, California to Joseph and Lou Marshall. He attended Napa and Sonoma schools, coming to Vallejo in 1942 when he married Eleanor Rose Arieta. The two recently celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary.
Clarence worked at Mare Island during WWII and at the Concord Weapons Station in Port Chicago during the Korean War. He also owned and operated a sporting good store in Vallejo, a restaurant in Richmond and a cocktail lounge in Napa, Vallejo and Fairfield.
Clarence was involved in numerous sports as a player, coach, scout, official and spectator. During his own baseball years he played for the Vallejo Builders and Sperry Liquors. He played some amazing teams on the west coast, such as the S.F. Seals, the Oakland Oaks and the Kansas City Monarchs. During this time he had the privilege of bringing Jackie Robinson to Vallejo. “Coach” Marshall coached football, basketball and baseball at St Vincent’s High School. He also coached baseball and basketball at St. Mary’s High School in Berkeley. He was a member of the Professional Baseball Scouting Association working for the Dodgers, Giants, and Padres. He was the founder of the Vallejo Elk’s Hot Stove League, which honored Professional Scouts, Professional Baseball Players and local Baseball Coaches. He was member of the Vallejo Golf Club, where he served as President and held other offices. He was selected as a Life Member of the Vallejo Golf Club.
Clarence was a member of many organizations including the Vallejo Elk’s, The Moose, St. Vincent Parish, Napa Native Sons, Common Wealth, Vallejo Golf club, and the Professional Scouting Association.
Clarence’s enjoyed fishing, gardening, golfing, traveling, and was a knowledgeable spectator of all sports. But most importantly, he took pleasure from working with his son David as a player and a coach.
Survivors include his wife Eleanor, son David (Vickie) Marshall, sister Roselyn Marcello of Healdsburg, granddaughters Kimberlie (Scott) Vaughan of Roseville and Katie Marshall, great grandchildren Antonio Joseph Marshall and Madison Rae Vaughan and as well as numerous nieces and nephews