May 31, 2010

My Open House

The week after Madison's open house, I had my very own open house in my kindergarten classroom. It went really well. Madison and Mackenzie drug daddy along since they don't want to leave my side :) well, sort of, we had chicks hatch and Madison really wanted to see them.
My open house was a farm theme so of course Madison had to wear her cowgirl hat!

Holding her favorite chick:

All of the babies:

Cowgirl~Maddie Rae:

The 2 retirees, my principal and teaching partner:

My teacher partner, Sandy and me

May 30, 2010

Madison's Open House

Preschool is coming to an end...which is hard to believe! A couple of weeks ago Madison had her very first open house. She was thrilled to show us her work and sing the songs the class had practiced. It was wonderful to see it all through her eyes.

This is what Mackenzie thought of the whole thing!

Getting ready with her classmates.
Singing one of the songs:
Doing the rain song:
Madison and her friend Madison L.

May 16, 2010

Dennis the Menace Park

We were told by some friends that we had to go to Dennis the Menace Park while we were in Monterey. I would tell the same thing to everyone now! It is an amazing, huge, wonderful, playful playground and park. Madison ran, ran, ran, giggled, ran, and ran some more. It was so much fun to watch her play and truly enjoy herself!

May 15, 2010

Carmel Beach

We love the beach. It was not a super warm day, but warm enough to get in some beach time. Madison loved rolling and playing in the sand and, well, um, Mackenzie enjoyed eating the sand. We stayed just long enough to get a good beach fix, but we all want to go back again soon!!

Madison Rae:
Mackenzie Ella:

Happy feet!

May 14, 2010

Monterey May 2010

The first night we were in Monterey we really wanted to walk along Pebble Beach and enjoy the sunset..well not going to happen! It was soooo windy we could barely open the car doors. Scott and Madison tried to brave it for a moment but did not last long!

~So windy~
Trying to brave the cold
So we opted for jumping on the bed!
And eating ice cream down town!

May 13, 2010


World Wrestling With Pillows...
Doesn't everyone need a good night of wrestling with pillows?!?

May 12, 2010

Matt and Kristen are hitched...

The first weekend of May welcomed a road trip for us down south...we headed to a little town outside of Paso Robles for the reception for Matt and Kristen. It was at the bride's parents' ranch. It was a very casual affair and the kids had a great time seeing family and visiting!

The Happy Couple with Scott's Grandparents:
Auntie Kelly and Mackenzie:
Mommy and Kenzie:
Ryan had fun playing in the beer:
Madison got ice down her back!

Jenna loved the Jeep (or Jim loved the Jeep)
Kenzie loved the ice, too!
~Throwing ice~
The Candy Bar!

The pretty arrangements with the personalized brand on the box (MK)
Painting of the couple!