September 21, 2010

Kenzie's First Haircut....

was tonight! It was merely a bang trim, but still...her first haircut! I saved the trimmings to put in her baby book :)

The BEFORE: look at those bangs!

A close up of her 1st shiner~she fell on Sunday :(
During the trim...she moved right as I was cutting and they got a little short...
oh well, they will grow back! :)

Not too sure of the after look...

But then we got a SMILE! :)

September 13, 2010

Constitution Parade

We headed up to Nevada City to watch the parade this weekend. I wish I would have known sooner...they do a whole weekend celebration of FUN! It was a family packed, small town affair and it was great. The girls loved it and so did we. The parade was wonderful...just an old fashioned day! Topped off with ice cream of course! :)

Some pre-photos

she actually sat still!


yummy ice cream

waiting for the parade to start

family photo

fun parade

looking out for the clowns *she is NOT a fan
dancing with the marching band

The Marching Presidents
(apparently there is a long waiting list to join this group):
Teddy Roosevelt

Abe Lincoln (Madison kept calling him the penny guy)
Nixon...his button said I am not lying

Secret Service with the Obama's and their dog

September 9, 2010

The adventures of....


She loved Tahoe...she ran and...

...and stumbled...

...and got back up and....

...and ran some more!

Woosh! That was fun!

September 8, 2010


For Labor Day we decided to take a little trip up the mountain! We headed to Tahoe for a picnic and then on to Truckee for some window shopping. The weather was perfect, the traffic was nonexistent and the kids were wonderful! Who could ask for a better weekend!

Sugarpine Park

Silly Kids

The 2 Families

Kenzie girl


Brrr....the water was cold...

...but Kenzie still loved it!

Cheesy face

Trying to keep their dresses dry!

This place is #1!

See ya next time!