April 30, 2010

Marine World

I know it is not called this anymore, but I can't help it. I grew up calling Six Flags, Marine World and it will always be that for me. I was a charter member, went to camp there, volunteered there, work there and grew up with it in my back yard. So close, in fact, that on quiet nights you could hear the sea lions barking at our house.
We got season passes this year! YAY!! We went last weekend. It was a great time had by all. Madison loved the rides, for the most part, (except the water ride we went on and got totally drenched...see photos belown) loved the animals and the shows. Mackenzie loved the seeing the animals, too and just being outside!
Dolphin Plaza

Fog Horn Leg Horn and The Mouse
The WATER RIDE...dum, dom, dom

Getting off the ride~we are SOAKED!

Madison is not too happy

But then got over it!

Feeding the stingrays
Photo with Peabody the sealion
Tava the elephant's ride

April 29, 2010

Dying Easter Eggs

This has been a fun tradition I did growing up, so naturally we have to do every year now, too!
Madison loves watching the eggs change and Mackenzie loves doing anything with her big sister, so here they are dying eggs 2010!
Ready to go:
Give me those eggs!


Check out my eggs:
Some cute bunnies!
Even Mommy got into it!

I am done...see ya!

April 28, 2010

Easter Sunday

I love the Easter season, warmer weather, time with family and friends, eating candy after 40 days of lent and time off of work....this year was no different.

Here are some photos of Easter 2010...Mackenzie's first Easter!!

April 27, 2010

Easter at the "HOME"

My grandpa lives in a retirement home, he loves it there and we are so happy for him. He has lots of lady friends and loves to gossip about everyone there. It does our hearts good to have him so content. Every year the little ladies put on an Easter Egg Hunt the day before Easter. We have attended the last several years and it is so fun to see all the residents come out to watch the great-grand kids join in the fun.

Madison and her cousin Antonio made out like bandits, not only do they have candy in the eggs, but little pieces of paper that correspond to prizes. They got airplanes, sand pails, Slinky's, jump ropes, play dough, pencils, stuffed animals and water games. It is such a wonderful event and we can't wait to go back next year!

Even the residents got into the fun!! Check out Ida dancing with the pail on her head! :)

April 13, 2010

Bounce U and Bunnies

Over Spring Break we headed to Bounce U to an open bounce session and we lucked out live bunnies made a visit! It was so cute, it is a rescue center for bunnies. The kids got to bounce and play with bunnies!

Mommy and Kenzie (she wasn't too sure about the bouncing part)

But she loved the bunnies!

She even got to pet one!

Philip and Maddie in with the "Cow" Bunny
Philip, Gabriella and Madison

More Bouncing

Happy Girl

April 2, 2010

Easter in Fresno...

Here are some of the highlights from our trip to Fresno to celebrate Easter early!
Mimi (Great Gramma), Maddie and Mackenzie
Maddie and Jenna

The 4 Cousins (the best photo so far)

Ready, Set, GO!!
Scoping out the eggs...

I found one!
Look, over here!

What is this thing??

My basket is empty!

Check out the loot!

Mommy and Kenzie