March 30, 2008

Ballet Class

Madison started her first ballet class this weekend. It was absolutely adorable. She is the oldest in the class by a few months, but it worked out great. It is a "parent" participation class, where mommies and daddies can come in and watch. The next age group makes you leave them at the door and I just didn't think she was quite ready for that. Here are a few pictures of her first lesson!

**I tried to add a video, but it wouldn't work tonight! ARRRGGGG!

March 29, 2008



So we went to the Wiggle's concert on Thursday...We had the best time. Madison's smile says it all!
I think I have a little crush on Anthony The Blue Wiggle (he is really cute and another mom in the audience had a sign that said "Max's Mommy Loves Anthony" and my sister-in-law likes him, too). So, at least I know I am not crazy!

Here are a couple of the girls (Madison-torquiose bow and cousin Jenna-purple bow) up in the Wiggle's Mosh Pitt in front of the stage.

The girls singing one of their favorites: "Rock-a-bye Your Bear"

Here is a little video clip at the concert...Thank goodness Kelly had her camera, I had left mine with a friend after our zoo trip last week...

It was well worth it to pay a little extra to get the seats we had in the 5th row...I hope Madison will remember it and talk about it for a long time!!

March 25, 2008

Take5 Tuesday

I borrowed this from Katie:
(Thought I would give it a try)

5 useless bits of trivia, that you know, or find interesting.
  1. A giraffe's tongue is bluish/black to prevent it from being sunburnt when it is sticking out to eat leaves in sunny Africa.
  2. A giraffe has seven neck bones (the same as a human, they are just way bigger)
  3. Sharks' bodies are made out of cartilage, the same stuff in our noses and ears...go ahead and feel your ear lobe or the tip of your nose.
  4. There are 181 days of school for kids in kindergarten through 12th grade.
  5. You have to change a baby's diaper about 10,000 times until he/she learns how to go to the bathroom him/herself.
5 things you did to celibrate easter.
  1. Went to Church with family
  2. Dyed Easter Eggs
  3. Went to an Easter Egg hunt at my Grandpa's retirement home
  4. Had a yummy dinner at my mom's house
  5. Had my first piece of CHOCOLATE in 40 days!

5 songs stuck in your head, right at the moment your posting this.
  1. Proud to be an American (watching American Idol)
  2. The Wiggles songs-going to their concert in 2 days
  3. The ABC's-bath time song
  4. The Days of the week-bath time song
  5. N/A
5 of your pet’s names, (they can be pets from the past.)
  1. Bruin-Yellow Lab
  2. Spanky-mutt
  3. Chelsie-Black Cocker Spaniel
  4. Sid- Leopard Gecko
  5. Mickey-Jack Russell/Bensji Mix (Wild Dog)

5 sounds you hear right now, (if there are 5.)

  1. Dancing with the Stars
  2. Scott snoring
  3. Madison coughing
  4. keyboard typing
  5. computer humming

March 24, 2008

What a Drag!

Well, 10 days came and went, just like "THAT"~I don't want to go back to work tomorrow...I always do that to myself. When I am at work I like it and can't imagine being a stay at home mom, then I get a little vacation and don't want to go back to work and can possible see myself as a stay at home mom. It helps when your two year old completely behaves herself and was the most enjoyable she has been for such a l0ng stretch since she turned 2!
But nevertheless, back to the grind tomorrow....

March 18, 2008

Guilty Pleasure/ Dying Eggs/ Playdate

We had a busy day today...for the first time ever, I took Madison to daycare and spend the day running errands (returns, grocery shopping, gym, tire rotations, Costco run, and Walgreens) It was wonderful. I felt like I accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. I even made it to the mall for about an hour...what a great way to spend a day when we have to pay for daycare anyways. I will defintely do it again.

So when I picked her up and we headed home our neighbor stopped by for some play time before dinner. They decided that they needed to play dress-up. Check out the first shot of Madison and her friend Sophia, Madison is the "special" one with the glasses. I finally convinced her to lose the glasses and got the other cute one of the two of them. It was hard to finally get them separated tonight.

Finally after dinner we had a chance to dye Easter Eggs. It was great. Madison followed directions, waited patiently and had a blast!

While we were waiting for the dye to take to the eggs Madison practiced saying her goodnight prayers, or her interpretation of "Now I lay me down to sleep..." Too cute!


March 17, 2008

San Francisco

This weekend we ventured to S.F with some friends and their 15 month old. Let's just say I am throughly impressed with our little angel...she did great, she listened, stayed in her stroller!!, laughed and had a blast. As only one with a 2 year can understand this was MONUMENTAL!! Here are a couple of photos from the trip...

March 16, 2008

"Hoppy" Easter

Here are some recent photos of Madison and cousin Jenna we had made for Easter and some with a live bunny!

March 13, 2008

Greg and Steve

So this last weekend we make a trip to Fresno to see Greg and Steve in concert....for those of you who don't know who they are you should be ashamed, especially if you have children. Hee hee! (they really are not all that well known outside the teaching world!) They sing great kids songs and I use their music in my classroom almost daily!
Here is Madison in the 5th row dancing along to the songs!

Here's what they look like!

This is them at the concert signing autographs!
(Man have they aged since I started listening to them in the classroom)
You can also check out my sister-in-law's blog for more photos and details about our fun filled weekend!!

Here is Madison being little Miss Adventurous at Gramma Kye-Kye and Poppies house. She was launching herself off the step onto the pillows.

March 9, 2008

William Tell Mom

I received one of the funniest videos about being a "mom"...maybe you have already seen it, but it is worth a second to watch!

March 6, 2008

Fun with her 'Cuz

Last weekend, my sister needed help writing her resume, so her and my nephew spent a couple of days with us. I think our house is back to normal after the 2 tornadoes left, but we did have a great time!





Auntie Katie also got Madison a "big" girl bike with training wheels. She loves it! *I know she is not wearing a helmet, but she was literally on it for the length of the video and then we went inside since it was FREEZING outside.

March 5, 2008

I hate coughing!!

Ok, so I am feeling better energy wise, now if only I could get rid of this nasty cough...I think I need to buy a box of depends! I swear, I cough so much I almost pee my pants...

March 2, 2008

"The Bugs on My Teeth"

Daily brushing of Madison's teeth has been horenous lately. It is a battle to say the least. I don't know what about it she doesn't like, but nevertheless, it is a daunting activity I don't look forward to in the least bit! Soooooooo, we decided to play a slightly different angle with her, we started telling her that throughout the day little "bugs" germs grow on our teeth and we need to brush them to clean our teeth.

Well a couple of nights ago as I was getting her ready for bed she stops and looks at me all concerned and let's me know we have to go brush her teeth to get all the bugs off!

(Although it may not be 100% truthful~teeth brushing has gotten better!)