May 22, 2011

Our Garden

For Valentine's day I wanted Scott to build me some planter boxes, so after a trip to The Home Depot and an argument later :) we made it home with all the supplies we would need, or so we thought! We built as much as we could then Scott went back for a few more items...but alas we have 2 beautiful planter boxes and we have a lot of yummy prospects popping up our summer eats!

the materials...

box #1

Holding it all together...

finishing box #2 (now it was dark)

Plants in progress....


Boxes a-growing!


Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Cool they look great and nothing quite like home grown vegies and fruit. I saw you over at Mynx's blog and thought I would check you out.

Anonymous said...

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Jimmy Dean said...

I've never tried gardening before, but it looks pretty! Haha. And fun.

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